New Normal

Ugh. Another first day of school, another round of tears. But this year was different. The tears weren’t for kindergartners getting on the bus for the first time. The tears weren’t because I was worried about how the boys would do in school or how I would miss them. The tears were because of how... Continue Reading →

Dear Kindergarten Dads

Dear Kindergarten Dads - With back to school time approaching all of us, I want to make a plea to dads of kindergartners everywhere - please give us moms a break this week. I don't know what it is about our babies starting school (after all, I have had my kids in daycare, preschool, and... Continue Reading →

Our crazy, but good life

Today as I was driving to work I had a rare opportunity to think. For the first time in a long while, I was not on the phone with my husband figuring out what was for dinner, I wasn't talking to my mom about how the kids were behaving, I wasn't reading emails, I wasn't on a... Continue Reading →

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